2018 Reading Goals

I can’t believe it’s almost 2018. We are literally 13 days away from the new year. THIRTEEN DAYS YO! WOW. 2017 was a good reading year. I read more books this year (41 so far) than I did in 2016 (*hangs head in shame* 16). After reviewing the list of books I read this year and taking inventory of books that STILL haven’t opened, I decided it was time to sit down and outline my reading goals and personal challenges for the upcoming year.

Reading Goals

Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge
Goal: 50 books
Why: My goal this year was to read 30 books. I surpassed this goal, even without my Harry Potter reread. I think 50 is doable since I’ll be graduating this spring. Friends, I’M GRADUATING MAY 2018!


Unread Book Pile
Goal: Read 1 to 2 books per month from my unread book pile
Why: I have a total of 30 unread books at this time. I paid for each of those books and I haven’t even cracked the spine. Shame on me. Dishonor on me (Mulan, anyone?). It’s time to change that.

: Read 1 book per month written by a person of color
Why: Last year I wanted to read more diverse books; however, the number of books I read written by writers of color was abysmal. Changing that is important to me.

Goal: Read 1 book per month from a genre I don’t typically read
Why: I want to expand my horizons and discover new authors and genres beyond YA and fantasy.

In my mind these challenges are similar to a readathon. What I mean by that is that one book could count for multiple categories. For example, Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You fits the following:

✓Goodreads reading challenge
✓ Unread book pile
✓ Diversity
✓ Genre

Thanks for reading!

What are your reading plans and goals this year?

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