2017 Recap

Today is New Year’s Eve, which means it’s my birthday (hello 29!) AND the last day of the year. This year was a weird. I had a difficult time balancing everything because I could not stop thinking about the things that are happening politically. The first half of the year was rough and I had no motivation for grad school at all. Despite this, some good things happened personally. I marched for women’s rights, visited Chicago with my best friend, saw Hamilton, survived research methods, started a book blog, read 43 books, and finally saw Janet Jackson in concert!

Last year, my goal was to read 16 books. I failed miserably at that challenge because was my first year of grad school and I couldn’t keep up with reading leisure books. I did not think I would read this many books this year and not fail graduate school, but I did. I did, friends! The graphic below includes a breakdown of my reading in 2017.

2017 Reading Wrap Up

As I reflect on this year and my life, I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for my parabati/best friend who has been my support and helped me with so much. I don’t deserve her. I’m also thankful for the book community. I love reading and have loved it since I learned to read English at age 7. As I’ve mentioned in my About Me page, reading is my escape from the world so I’m happy to have joined the book community this year. The book community on Instagram and the bloggers on here have made me feel welcome and helped me find some balance in this world of chaos. So, if you’re reading this…THANK YOU!

I look forward to talking about more books with all of you in 2018.

Thanks for reading!

– Merline

P.s. Let me know if you would like for me to include stats like this in my monthly wrap ups next year.





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