Where I Buy Books

Recently, I’ve had some friends and followers on Instagram ask where I buy books and Funko Pops, so I decided to put this post together.

Physical books

  • Barnes and Noble: This is my go to bookstore. I visit this bookstore frequently and have a paid membership, which helps me save 40% on hardcovers. It doesn’t feel like 40% though because hardcover books are EXPENSIVE. All of my Harry Potter Funko Pops come from here. I get signed books from here too. I don’t pre-order books from B&N because I don’t like the shipping time.
  • Books-A-Million: I love the bargain priced books and it’s the first section I go to in the store. They also have a shelf with autographed books, which I typically browse.
  • Book Outlet: Great for bargain books and good sales. They offer free shipping on orders $35 or more. It’s so hard for me to get to $35 because the books are so cheap.
  • Amazon: I don’t think anything needs to be said about Amazon. You can find everything here. I prefer pre-ordering books from Amazon because of Amazon Prime shipping and the hardcovers are cheaper.
  • Book Depository: I use BD for international editions. The shipping is frustrating because they don’t provide a tracking number and it’s slow if you live in the U.S; however, shipping is free.

Ebooks and Audiobooks

  • Public Library: I get 99% of the audiobooks I listen to from the library. IT’S FREE. My library has a 21 day loan period, allows me to borrow 5 digital titles, and I can recommend books if they don’t have it. You have to download Overdrive.
  • Barnes and Noble: If I’m not borrowing an ebook from the library, I get it B&N because I’ve had a Nook since 2010. The Nook Books are kind of pricey when compared to Amazon Kindle books.
  • Audible: I signed up for Audible last summer and only use it when I have credits available. It’s $14.99/month and pricey just for one credit per month. I save my credits and only use it when the library doesn’t have the audiobook I want or my position on the hold list at the library is too long.

Funko Pop

  • I buy Funko Pops from anywhere, but mostly get them from Barnes and Noble. I’ve bought them from my local comic shop and FYE too.

There are so many places where you can get books. I’ve purchased books from Target, Walmart, and Friends of the Library book sales. You can also check out your local used bookstore and thrift stores. If you’re looking for places to buy books, I hope this helps.

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