Reasons I’m The Worst At Series

This is my bookish confession: I struggle to keep up with books series. For some reason, even if I enjoyed one or two books in the series, I still have problems finishing it. I struggled to finish The Raven Boys, Monsters of Verity, and The Lunar Chronicles. Right now, I’m behind on The Illuminae Files, Forbidden Hearts, The Wrath and The Dawn, and a couple others series that I like. Then, there are series I abandon after one or two books like the Stephanie Plum series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Shades of Magic trilogy. Finally, there are the series I want to read or I have on my shelf, but I’m so intimidated that I even don’t bother. So, why am I the worst at finishing book series?

Three or more books in a series is a long-term committed relationship.  I can barely keep up with the books on my TBR, so the thought of reading more than three books, and keeping up with all of it is a bit much. Not every book needs to be stretched over the span of 5-7 books. Sometimes, it’s okay to leave it at one or two books.

The sheer volume of the book can be intimidating. What I’ve noticed is that the first book in most series is about 300-400 pages. The sequel could be anywhere between 500-600 pages, but by the time you get to the third book that monster is so big you can use it as a weapon. That is quite an investment. It’s painful when nothing happens for long periods of time because then I start thinking about how that bad boy could have been cut by 100-150 pages.

A lot can happen while waiting for the next book. Let’s be honest, momentum carries a series and when you lose it, it’s hard to get it back. In 1-2 years, my reading preferences may change, I may forget details and what I liked about the series, or I may become more invested in another series. Often this happens when I binge read a new (to me) series. HOW IS MY HEART SUPPOSED TO GO ON AND ON AND ON UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK? I need to fill that void with something, right?

Don’t you just hate it when absolutely nothing happens in a series? Or feel like a third of the book could have been cut? Or that the characters are stagnant and they become insufferable with each book? It’s such a disappointment to be in a committed relationship with a series and this happens. Sometimes, you just have to part ways or take a break.

Do you struggle to finish series like I do? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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28 thoughts on “Reasons I’m The Worst At Series

  1. Yes! I used to wait until a series was finished before reading it, because then all the details would still be fresh in my mind, but then picked up books that are still in production (damn you, A Song of Ice and Fire…!) But I also saw, over and over, authors/agents on twitter saying that the best thing you could do is support a series while it’s still being written by buying the book so the publishing company continues to order more from that author, or something along those lines.

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    1. I definitely want to support authors and I know the writing process takes time. I’m afraid to pick up new series that are still in publication though. The wait between books can be too much!

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      1. I feel that… especially since it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicle series… *cry emoji*

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  2. Well you are definitely not alone! 📚
    I can think of very few series that I have completed or I am completely caught up on and a few that you mentioned I haven’t finished either and I have no reason for it I enjoyed the books, I think it’s a case of too many books and too little time!💕

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  3. Ahh yes, I personally don’t mind committing to a big series as long as I’m guaranteed a good finale, but when it simply ends with no sense of emotional payoff, it drives me nuts; I mean, it cheapens everything that was great before it, and that makes me hesitant to go in in the first place. Lovely post!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I hate series with unsatisfying or terrible endings. Like you said, it cheapens the experience and makes me wonder why I ever committed to reading this for 5-7 books.

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  4. Ahh! Yeah, I always am stuck waiting for the next book and then I forget what happens and that ruins the experience. It’s always so nice when all the books in a series are out, so that I can binge read them all.

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  5. Uff… same here. I even tried to fix this by starting series laaaaate, when all parts are out, but somehow it hasn’t really changed anything… 😀 I think i’m just bad at series.

    I finished the game of thrones books (all that is out), dark tower and hunger games, so that’s something i guess…

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  6. Gosh, I totally know what you mean with #3. There’s been way too many times when I’ve started a series and fallen in love with it only to find out that the last (or, god forbid, last couple) books aren’t out yet! After waiting around for months till the next book finally comes out, I’ve forgotten everything about the series, and I have to read it all over again before I can even think about picking up the new book . . . this isn’t too annoying when it’s a trilogy, but if the series is 5-7 books long, like you mentioned, it’s a PAIN. If only writing books didn’t take so long 😦

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    1. I hate waiting on sequels! I know the writing process and publishing takes time, but the wait is hard! I try to read series with all the books published, but sometimes I can’t help picking up a new series

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  7. Yes I completely understand! I normally am a fan of book series, it’s just some of them are such a commitment! I can usually get the series done if all the books are around the 300-400 page range, but some of the books in series I haven’t finished yet, have over 700 pages. It’s so intimidating!


  8. YES. I barely never do anymore .. I only own two, in fact. The spiderwick chronicle (5 books) and one in french of a teenage girl’s diary (7 books). It’s not that I avoid them on purpose but .. mostly isn’t my type of books anyway 😐 so heh, it simplify my life quite a bit ! ahah


  9. I relate to this so hard!! I hate when books keep getting stretched out over multiple books without reason. That’s why I stopped reading Cassandra Clare’s books. I loved the original three Mortal Instruments but she just kept adding on books and I couldn’t keep up. And waiting for books to come out is the absolute worse!

    Great post!

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    1. Thanks! I really hate waiting for books and books being stretched out. I think it’s great when authors expand their worlds, but sometimes it can be too much and their needs to be a definitive end.

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