Guess that Book Quote #1

Hey loves! I got the idea for this meme while I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Read. They have a movie quote segment at the beginning of the show and I felt inspired to do something similar on here. This weekly meme will feature book quotes—and occasionally movie quotes. I’ll share a few quotes and all you have to do is guess the book (or movie) in the comments. The level of difficulty will decrease with each quote. I’ll reveal the book (or movie) title in the next Guess that Book Quote post. This first one is fairly easy. It’s a popular YA fantasy novel. *hinthint*


Here’s the first quote:


Did you figure it out? If not, here’s the second quote:


Need another one? It’s the last one.


So, what book are these quotes from? I can’t wait to see your guesses in the comments! Thanks for reading!signature (6)

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12 thoughts on “Guess that Book Quote #1

  1. I had acotar or some sarah J maas in mind first, but didn’t seemed like it so my brain went to six of crows next 🙈 solely on the « popular YA fantasy » ahah i actually havent read thoses ..

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