Queen of Air and Darkness Spoiler Thoughts

I hope the title of this post conveyed exactly what’s about to go down. This post is filled with SPOILERS. If you haven’t read Queen of Air and Darkness or any of the other books in The Dark Artifices, please don’t read it. If you are interested in my spoiler-free review, you can check it out here. Otherwise…read my thoughts/reactions at your own risk.

  • I wanted  anti-hero Julian driven by vengeance because of grief. Not emotionless Julian. I feel robbed. I didn’t completely hate it because emotionless Julian really showed his ruthlessness, but I missed my soft and caring Julian. Especially because he lied to Emma about going to the Seelie Court and Ty tried to tell him about his plan to do necromancy. Emotionless Julian was important for his arc and development as a character, but I wish it didn’t last so long.
  • The TMI characters didn’t need POVs.
  • The letter Thule Livvy wrote to Ty was heartbreaking. If you listen closely you can still hear me crying about “I love you. I love you. I love you.”
  • Ty doing necromancy to fix things for his family just broke my heart. He’s so sad and Livvy’s loss is unbearable. I hate Annabel. I also didn’t like that the older siblings didn’t realize Ty wasn’t coping well. Dru was the only person who noticed. This is one of the reasons why I wasn’t a fan of emotionless Julian. The real Julian would have known something was wrong with Ty.
  • Annabel’s death was anti-climatic. She was on the cover and is the Queen of Air and Darkness. I expected her role to be bigger instead of being attached to Ash the whole time. She felt like a non-factor. But the shape shifting demon after her death was a clever twist.
  • Diana is a badass and I’m so happy she chopped off Horace’s arm. I hate that bastard. I loved Diana and Gwyn.
  • I stan Emma Cordelia Carstairs.
  • All hail the great wizard OfficeMax. Seriously, I didn’t even think Shadowhunters knew anything about technology and mundane stuff like this. Well except the Blackthorns. They don’t care about the Clave’s laws. Making a copy of the book was smart on Julian’s part. Also, how big is the Black Volume? I didn’t think Julian took that many pictures of it in Lord of Shadows. I thought he took pictures of the pages he wanted.
  • Thule Livvy losing her entire family was so tragic. I teared up. I can’t believe that Ty and Livvy are just meant to be lose each other. 
  • Julian and Emma had so many sexy time or almost sexy time scenes. The one in chapter 20 while in Thule was wild. The one in chapter 33 was super smutty. 
  • I might be in the minority, but I kind of liked Thule. And that’s mostly because Julian got his fucking emotions back. I was tired of emotionless Julian. Thule was horrific, but what they learned helped them save the warlocks and I think it helped Julian heal from his guilt over Livvy’s death.
  • Kit and Ty broke my fucking heart. They’re so good together. I hate that they’re separated and Kit chose not to say goodbye to Ty. Ty really needs a friend. I’m just so sad about this separation. Kit is a teenager so I don’t blame him for feeling the way he does after declaring his love for Ty, but I wish he understood that Ty is grieving. 
  • I totally expected the hot faerie threesome.
  • I high-key wanted Emma to destroy all the parabatai bonds. I live for the dramatics and I think this really would’ve shook things up in the Shadownhunter world. I was expecting it going into this book. I thought that’s what the tagline “everything changes” meant. Even though they didn’t break the bond, I think Julian and Emma’s scene was precious. Emma has always been the person to pull Julian out the deep end, but we saw the opposite. Julian grew so much in this book. I’m happy that Emma isn’t the only person making sacrifices in this relationship.
  • Cristina Mendoza Rosales is such a fucking badass. I stan.
  • Zara Dearborn is a fascist coward and Emma should’ve killed her. I was so so disappointed that she didn’t die. Unless this is a setup for The Wicked Powers. Still. The Cohort is a problem I wished Clare had taken the risk to deal with the way they deserved.
  • When Zara threatened to kill herself in the Council Hall, my reaction was “Okayyyy…and…” I didn’t care. They’re hateful and I don’t see how you rehabilitate that.
  • Chapter 32 was such a wild chapter. From beginning to end. I’ll probably read this several times. Made me cry. Tavvy and Dru saved Emma and Jules and Alicante.
  • I predicted Emma and Julian would become angels. Not giants. And I thought they were going to die. I screamed audibly when Emma said “Let us burn.” I’m happy they didn’t die. I had prepared myself for a tragic ending. I’m  still weeping over this quote: “Please don’t leave me, Emma, Julian said. His voice broke. “Please don’t leave me in this world without you.” I wish we could have read the giants stuff from their POV.
  • Malec’s wedding was suuuuper cute!
  • Kit watching Ty from afar just broke my heart. It’s heartbreaking that Ty is the only person that can see Livvy’s ghost.
  • I’m so happy for Emma and Julian. They deserve happiness. They had to grow up so fast and lost so much.
  • Definitely want to read about Emma and Julian’s travel year and Mark’s work with Shadowhunter-Downworlder Alliance.

Questions I have after finishing QOAAD:

  • Why and how does Ash have wings? Make it make sense!
  • What happened to the original Black volume of the dead? The copy Julian made burned in faerie and Ty threw his phone in the ocean. What happened to the original after Annabel died?
  • What does it mean that Ty is tied to Livvy’s ghost?
  • I wasn’t prepared for the Shadowhunters to get kicked out of Idris. What does this mean for them to live away from their home? How is this going to impact them? Also, how are Shadowhunters so rich? They don’t even have banking. I’m low-key interested in Shadowhunter economics. 
  • Umm…how the hell did Ash and Jace leave Thule? Is the portal still open? Will we see more characters because of that. I’ll probably read The Wicked Powers whenever that comes out now.
  • Shadowhunters seem to spend more time fighting amongst themselves than actually fighting demons. Do they have demon villains in the other series?

Obviously, if you’ve made it this far you probably already finished QOAAD. What are your thoughts? Or theories about some of my questions? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Queen of Air and Darkness Spoiler Thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m cracking up about being interested in Shadowhunter economics!!! It’s a valid point, though: I need answers now, darn it!

    Here’s a question: Why do you think Magnus agreed time take away Julian’s emotions? It seemed out of character to me.


  2. Thanks for clearing up the question of what Julian told Livvy in Thule! It definitely seems like that world is going to come back into play… Big twist on the end but I felt that Ash’s character was rushed over with his decision to stay in Thule and then that ending! I thought Kit was a great character, I hope he develops more in future series’. I didn’t mind the whole Mark, Kieren, Christina triangle to begin with but I just felt it was so repetitive and also pretty simplistic/unrealistic. I thought it was an odd choice to introduce that and a transgender character at the same time. Overall I still enjoyed it but the love dramas bored me a bit in this series.

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