Bookstagram Made Me Do It

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram or Twitter just minding your business and suddenly felt the urge to buy books? Candles? Socks? Yes? No? Does that only happen to me? I know consumerism is a rotating hot topic in the book community, but this post is just to make fun of my poor excuses for my bookish purchases. I don’t feel pressure to buy or read anything and this post is not commentary on that. I’ll certainly consider blogging about consumerism in 2019, but this is just for fun. Besides, if you knew about all the hair products I own, we’d be having a different conversation. Without further ado, let’s get into “Whoops! Look what Bookstagram made me do.”


The number one thing that I wound up doing because of Bookstagram are buying or reading books. So many books. And my TBR gives me the side-eye because I keep adding books.  These are just a few books I read in 2018 because of Bookstagram. I only enjoyed three.


I’m not a candle person, but Bookstagram made me a candle person in 2018. Now, I can’t stop burning candles. I light a candle almost every day. How else am I suppose to set the reading mood if I don’t light a candle and pour a glass of wine?


Oh my goodness. I have so many backdrops and props that I don’t use. It’s trial and error because at the beginning of the year I wanted to use a lot of props, but now I prefer my bookshelves and decorative items in my apartment. Sometimes, I’ll see home decor at Home Goods or Marshall’s and think, “Oooh, that would look nice in my book photos.” 


I rarely ever use bookmarks. I’m more of a “use-whatever-is-closest-to-me” or “dog-ear the page” type of reader. This year I bought so many bookmarks. I feel like a hoarder because I still don’t use them.

Book box subscriptions

Out of all the items I mentioned in this post, this is the one that I regret. I even wrote a post about how book boxes are not for me a few months ago, which you can check out here.

Bookstagram made me do it, but *whispers* I blame myself. I love buying things. I need help. What purchases did you make in 2018 that made you go “Whoops! How did that suddenly get in my cart?” Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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21 thoughts on “Bookstagram Made Me Do It

  1. Last year was so bad for me in terms of impulse-buying based on what I saw on bookstagram! I managed to curb the habit a little this year and only buy things I will actually use. The books themselves are a different topic altogether though – I’ll never be able to stop adding to my TBR! 😀

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