Reading Update #1 // I’m Drowning in Library Books

Hey y’all! One of the features I discontinued from my blog last year were weekly wrap ups. But since I’m a reading machine who can’t keep up with reviews and whatnot, I’ve decided the best way to resolve my “I’m-tired-of-monthly-wrap-ups” is to just do reading updates in a way that’s kind of similar to those wrap ups. I don’t intend for this to be a weekly feature but just a way for me to talk about the books I’m reading and provide updates kind of like I normally do in my Instagram stories. I don’t know the best way to format this post yet so I’m still working on that part.

What I Finished Reading

I have a bad habit of starting multiple books at once and setting all of them aside for new books. I managed to finish a few recently…kind of.

I saw The Silent Patient everywhere so I borrowed the audiobook from the library. Even though I guessed the twist early on, I enjoyed the ride. This definitely made me want to read more thrillers this year. I don’t plan on reviewing this book on here, but I enjoyed it and rated it 4 stars.

I love Helen Hoang and I hope she has more books planned because The Bride Test was such a delightful read. I adored the characters and the story was really cute. Review to come.

Unfortunately, I DNF’d We Hunt the Flame. I struggled my way through 115 pages for almost two months and decided that this wasn’t for me. Personally, I don’t review books I don’t finish, but if you want to know specifically why I gave up on it, you can read my thoughts on Goodreads.

What I’m Currently Reading

Now that I’ve gotten my Goodreads “currently reading” shelf down to only four books, I’m focused on these two right now. One is a library book that’s due soon and the other is a mood read.

I saw a few people reading Truly Devious on Twitter and heard good things about it from a few Booktubers so I decided to check it out. I borrowed it from the library but I haven’t made much progress. I’ve had to restart the audiobook three times because I’m having difficulty concentrating.

I searched far and wide (including the library) for a copy of Red Sister and eventually found a used hardcover for only $10.99 on Amazon. I was elated because the hardcovers are out of print and used copies are quite expensive. It arrived in excellent condition and I’m happy I wasn’t scammed. What I wasn’t ready for though was the writing style. I’m seven chapters into it so I hope I can get used to the writing.

Library Haul

These are due early May so I have to read them very very soon.

Wicked Saints by Emily Duncan
American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Descendant of the Crane by Joan He
Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

How’s your reading going? Let me know in the comments!
As always, thanks for reading!

19 thoughts on “Reading Update #1 // I’m Drowning in Library Books

  1. I loved Truly Devious so I hope you can get into it! I felt the same way about the writing in Red Sister, it never really clicked with me for some reason. Hope you enjoy Wicked Saints and Descendant of the Crane, they’re on my TBR too

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  2. great post merline! i’ve been hearing a lot of anticipation for we hunt the flame, especially since i follow the author on twitter. i’m a bit worried now that you mentioned that the writing crosses a bit into the purple prose territory :/ truly devious and red sisters seem like a fantastic book, i’ve been hearing amazing things about them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I follow the author on twitter too and I really thought I was going to love it. I’m a little heartbroken that I couldn’t get into it. I want to give it a second chance when the audiobook comes out.


  3. I’m also drowning in library books. I have about 10 books all due within the first week of May and I probably won’t get to half of them. I did just finish Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy. It was amazing, I definitely recommend it.

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    1. I’ve heard AMAZING things about Once and Future. I need to check the library for that, which probably isn’t wise considering the 5 books I have checked out right now. Hahaha.


  4. Nice library books! This ends up happening to me anytime I go to the library which means I end up getting sidetracked from my own books AND I always end up taking the books back late so I have to periodically ban myself from going to the library. I loved American Gods and Wicked Saints, they’re also two interesting books to read around about the same time due to them both being about gods! I have a copy of Skyward but still haven’t read it.

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    1. I’m really excited about American Gods and Wicked Saints! I want to watch American Gods so I hope I finish the book soon *fingers crossed* I got so excited when I saw the library had new releases available and went a little overboard. Hahaha.

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      1. Oooh I hope you enjoy them both. I read American Gods just before the launch of Season 1 and it was sooooo gooooood. I think reading the book beforehand helped a lot with understanding what was going on in the TV series, though the show is GREAT. Such aesthetic goals.


      2. I saw the trailer for the tv show a few weeks ago and decided to read it then so I could check out the show. I’m listening to the audiobook now.

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  5. I had to stop using the library. Ha. My library loans were just too much and it was too daunting to walk past my too large of a pile of borrows and never get to them. It’s all or nothing for me, lol.

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  6. Great post! Ooh, looks like you have a few excited reads from the library! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your thoughts for Descendant of the Crane, Skyward, and Wicked Saints! And I’m sorry to see that We Hunt the Flame wasn’t your cup of tea! I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve seen a couple mixed opinions for it.

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