Mini Reviews #9: Field Notes On Love, Gossip Girl and A King Arthur Retelling

Hey everyone! I’m back with a few more mini reviews. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a wrap-up in almost a month, but I’ve read quite a few books since my roundup post. This one is going to be pretty short because I’ve fallen behind and I’m trying to catch up. These are books I read in early May.

Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith

I actually haven’t seen anyone talk about Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith. I found the audiobook on Libby when I was looking an easy read to listen to at work and quickly fell in love with the story and the characters.

The story follows Hugo and Mae as they travel on a train trip across the U.S. before heading off to college. It was so sweet, funny, and genuine. There’s no cheating or ex-girlfriend subplot, the characters are diverse, and the friendship was too cute. A refreshing read. I added it to my “to-buy” list.*

Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

Nostalgia set in so I picked up Gossip Girl after Field Notes. The first book is basically the pilot episode of the show. I knew it wouldn’t stand the test of time, but I was really in the mood for throwback trashy YA books so I didn’t think it would be that bad. I was wrong.

Overall, the characters are superficial, spoiled, entitled, privilege and worse than their TV counterparts. There’s so much fatphobia, slut-shaming, underage drinking, sexual predator behavior and despicable adults. I gave it two stars because even with all those horrible things, it was still boring!

Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta

I love Arthurian legend. A lot. In fact, most people mispronounce my name and call me “Merlin” so much that I often joke about not being a wizard before I correct them. Once & Future was really fun and hilarious with great LGBTQIA rep. I loved the way the authors turned this tale on its head and subverted systems of oppression.

Unfortunately, there was so much plot packed into this book that I kind of got whiplash trying to keep up with how abrupt and rushed everything felt. The characters (and me) never got to sit with the revelations or the aftermath before something else was thrown at them. Still enjoyable and lots of fun.

*Most of the books I read are library loans. If something stands out to me, I add it to my “to-buy” list just in case I have spending money after I pay my bills.

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10 thoughts on “Mini Reviews #9: Field Notes On Love, Gossip Girl and A King Arthur Retelling

  1. I rmb picking up Gossip Girl aaaages ago when I was in high school & even though I was in a trashy YA mood, I couldn’t finish it 😂 Definitely not as good as the show!

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