US vs. UK Book Covers – Spooky Edition

Hey everyone! Today I’m bringing you a very shallow post where I compare US and UK book covers.

Book covers play a huge role in my book buying and I have a few international editions on my shelf because I preferred those over the U.S. covers so I thought this would be a nice fun post.

In the spirit of spooky season, I decided to only compare mystery/thriller books. I’ve read all the books on this list, but I only own one of them. I hope you enjoy.

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

Winner: U.S.

I think the UK cover closely matches the plot of this story, but I’m allowed to be really shallow in this post so the winner for this is the U.S. cover. Even though I don’t like models on covers, I like the blue more and those piercing eyes just staring at you is more fitting for spooky season.

Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Winner: U.S.

I like dark colors so the U.S. cover wins this one. I read The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle last month and I don’t know what the staircase on the U.K. cover has to do with the story.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

Winner: U.S.

The U.S. cover is much more atmospheric, gives me creepy/haunted vibes, and just looks better aesthetically. The U.K. cover doesn’t look frightening at all. The U.S. cover is telling me to stay away. The U.K. cover is telling me the exact opposite and a bitch might enter that house fearlessly.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Winner: UK wins this one

I like the simplicity of the U.S. cover and I own this copy, but I also like the intricacies of the U.K. cover more.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Winner: U.S.

Honestly, both of these covers suck. I’ve read the book so I know they match the story, but I don’t want either of them on my shelf. The U.S. cover is fucking strange and the colors suck. The U.K. cover is too calm and unassuming. I don’t get the impression that this story is going to make me uncomfortable or that this is a thriller. U.S. wins for it’s creep factor only.

Recursion by Blake Crouch

Winner: Tie

This is the hardest of the six head-to-head covers. I like the U.S. cover because it’s yellow and simple. But I also like the UK cover. I’m very conflicted. I’m going to say this one’s a tie. If someone forced me to pick one, I’d probably go with the U.S. edition because I have one of Blake Crouch’s books in hardcover so I’d want the formats to match. I think the UK books are mostly paperback. If this was my favorite book of all time, I’d get both. Lol. See, I told you this was shallow.

So, there you have it. Six books. 12 covers. Which covers do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

P.s. I buy international editions from Book Depository, Goldsboro Books, or Waterstones. I use Waterstones and Goldsboro for special international editions only (sprayed edges, signed, etc.).

9 thoughts on “US vs. UK Book Covers – Spooky Edition

  1. Omg this is such a creative post! I’ve never actually realized how different the international covers can be. I definitely agree with all of your wins though.


  2. Love this post! Living in Australia we usually always get the UK edition for covers. Most of the time I think I prefer international, but there’s definitely been times where I’ve wished I could get the US editions. Definitely agree with your choices for all of these. US for sure wins out this time 😂!


  3. «The Last Time I lied» I love the UK cover more. Those yellow edges make all the difference, besides I’m not a big fan of faces on covers.

    For the 7 and a half Deaths I also prefer the US cover. The UK does translate the plot better, but I love the simple geometric design more.

    Dark Matter and Recursion I prefer US covers, especially that Yellow one ❤ I think I have a thing for yellow covers…

    This is such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

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