2020 Reading Wrap Up

Hello! I have returned from my long absence to do a quick 2020 reading wrap up. I don’t want to spend time talking about why I haven’t blogged for so long or go into detail about what I’ve been up to because I’m sure everyone’s had a lot to deal with because of this pandemic. 2020 wasn’t a great reading year but I survived a 7 month slump and managed to read 50 books. 50 books sounds like a lot but most of the reading was done at the beginning and end of the year. I struggled a lot through the middle of the year. Anyways, here’s the best and worst of my reading year.

P.s. if you follow me on Twitter and have already seen my mini-thread wrap up, pretend you never saw it and still hype me up lol

Worst Books I Read

The worst book I read was You by Caroline Kepnes. Yes, Joe is a creep but that’s not why I disliked it so much. The book is poorly written and boring as hell. I dnfed it at 132 pages but I should’ve given up sooner because it put me in the slump that took months to get out of. Behind Her Eyes was an irritating dud. It felt like the MC was a plot device the author dragged around to fit whatever plot point they were trying to hit in that moment.

Most Disappointing

I just realized the most disappointing books I read were mostly mystery/thrillers. Is it me or the books? Idk, but these books didn’t live up to expectations I had. I couldn’t decide if One by One should be on the worst or most disappointing list. I settled for most disappointing because I don’t think it was as bad as You and Behind Her Eyes.

Most Surprising

The most surprising books I read were An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and Black Sun. There are elements in both books that I don’t normally like but surprisingly I didn’t mind them at all and enjoyed both books tremendously.

Best Books

…and finally here are the best books I read in 2020. Other than The Empire of Gold which is my #1 read of 2020, the rest of the books in this graphic aren’t in ranked order. I arranged them randomly. Shrill’s red cover threw off the aesthetics of this graphic lol

Okay so that’s all for now. Let’s hope I get my shit together in 2021 and be a better blogger. Please tell me how your reading year was in the comments. Tell me your favorite books, worst reads, or whatever you want. Happy holidays!

10 thoughts on “2020 Reading Wrap Up

  1. Loved this! An Absolutely Remarkable Thing also really surprised me this year. I did not expect to love is half as much as I did.

    Grown is definitely in my top ten as well. I discovered Tiffany D. Jackson this year and honestly the three books I read from her could be my top three books of the year…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t expect to love An Absolutely Remarkable Thing either. Can’t wait to read the sequel. Also, I love Tiffany D. Jackson. I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read by by her so far.


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