5 Star Read, Wandavision, BTS on MTV Unplugged || February Wrap-Up

Hello everyone. Today I’m here with my February wrap up. The month kind of flew by, but overall it was a good month and a lot better than last year. I read more books than I expected to read, made some strides towards a few personal goals, and slowly finding my way back into creating content. Let’s get into it.


I read 8 books in February. I think that’s a record because February tends to be the month my reading slows down. I read three thrillers, which is unusual for me during this time of year. Mystery/thriller is one of my favorite genres but I like to save them for later in the year. This time though, I read a few because I was in between books/trying to figure what I wanted to read next. They’re easy to get through.

White Tears/Brown Scars is my first 5 star read of 2021. It’s very thorough, written well and well researched. I love the way it discusses ways in which white women weaponize their tears to silence women of color and detract attention from important conversations about racism and avoid accountability. Ultimately, white tears as another form of upholding white supremacy. Highly recommend it to everyone.

Ghachar Ghochar is short translated novella about a family who comes into money and the way their lives change after that happens. I read it in like two hours and I’m still hoping to find someone who’s read this book so I can talk about the ending because it was wild.

All the Missing Girls had a lot of potential but there was so much going on. I did like the way the story is structured and told in reverse chronological order.

I Think I might Love You was a cute and funny rom-com. I really enjoyed the characters and the overall story, but I wish it had been a little bit longer because some of the scenes, specifically the smut, felt kind of rushed.

I won’t go into much detail about The Other Mrs and Final Girls because I don’t want to spoil them. The Other Mrs. plot twist upset me a little bit. I wasn’t surprised by it but it’s a plot device I don’t enjoy in thrillers. Final Girls is the only Riley Sager book I hadn’t read yet and I honestly feel like I wasn’t missing out on anything. The plot was interesting, but the twist was kind of obvious.

After years of sitting on my bookshelf unread, I finally read The Fifth Season and…I enjoyed it a lot. I buddy read it with a friend and we were both a bit confused in the beginning. I’m still not sure I completely understand the world, but it was captivating and I was blown away with the final 6-7 chapters. I thought the characters were great and the plot was interesting. Plan to continue the series.

Black Brother, Brother was sent to me by the publisher in a curated box last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to reading it because I was in a 7 month reading slump. Finally read it and I’m glad I did. I loved the family dynamics, the sibling relationship and I learned a lot about fencing. I also think it’s an important book for young readers because of the commentary on racism, colorism and racial bias.

Music and TV

MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS
If you follow me on social media (specifically instagram) then you probably know how much I love BTS. Well, they performed on MTV Unplugged last week and it was incredible (as their performances always are). The setlist was fantastic and I was especially moved by their cover of Fix You by Coldplay. I’ve listened to this cover at least 100x. A very healing performance. Linking it below so you can check it out if you’re interested.

WandaVision (Disney+)
I love Marvel but I lost interest in a lot of things during the pandemic so I hadn’t planned to check this out when the premiere date was announced. However, after seeing glowing reviews I decided to check it out. So happy I did that because the show is great. The first couple episodes are weird but in a good way and the most recent episode (episode 8) was beautiful storytelling. Before the show I liked Wanda and Vision individually but didn’t care about their romance in the MCU, but I’m invested now.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever (Netflix)
I read the last book in this series a few years ago so my memory is bit fuzzy, but it seems like they made a lot of changes for the adaptation. I didn’t mind the changes because the last book was my least favorite in the series. Just wish it hadn’t felt rushed. Despite that, the movie captured the essence of the book well and wrapped up LJ and Peter’s romance nicely.

Malcom & Marie (Netflix)
I had a virtual movie night with some friends and we picked this movie because we were excited about it when it was announced. We thought it was going to be a cute romance with black characters. We heard about some of the issues on Twitter but we still decided to check it out. Goodness. What an exhausting movie. The cinematography, acting and soundtrack were amazing but the plot was emotionally draining. Malcom & Marie argue the entire movie and I felt like I had to bear their toxic relationship. If you decide to watch this trigger warning for emotional abuse, gaslighting, descriptions of self-harm and addiction.

Other Happenings

  • I had to cut off two inches of hair because my ends hadn’t been trimmed in a year. I had plans to get it trimmed March 2020 but the pandemic happened and taking care of my hair was low on my priority list. It feels like I’m back to square one with my natural hair but it is what is. I’m going to try to prioritize hair care this year and hopefully, I’ll retain some length.
  • I hung out with my grandma for a few hours. Her birthday was at the beginning of February and she was geographically closer to me than she’s been in a long time. We socially distanced and I wore a mask, but it was nice to see her and talk to her. It had been a while.
  • I’m trying to brainstorm post ideas so this blog doesn’t only become a space for wrap ups. 2020 took everything out of me but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. The ideas are slowly coming along but I’m working on it. The thing about creating bookish content is you have to read the books and that takes time. I might throw in some occasional non-bookish post to balance things out.

How was your February? What’d you read and what are your favorite things?

2 thoughts on “5 Star Read, Wandavision, BTS on MTV Unplugged || February Wrap-Up

  1. Happy to hear you had a chance to meet your grandmother ❤ Even with the restrictions like social distancing & the mask, it's so benefitial to actually being able to see and talk with someone! Especially when we haven't seen them in a while.

    Oof.. yep- I'm trying to find something to write for tomorrow myself xd Everything that has been going on sure is rough on finding ideas..

    I also watched always and forever – I loved the ending ❤️ Though I had not read the book, so I have no idea what the changes are


  2. I’m loving Wandavision too, it’s just been such a delight! It’s such a clever show. Also, I had no idea MTV still had Unplugged! I’m glad to see BTS doing so well in the US though, it’s about time Kpop finally broke through the mainstream US market.


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