March Wrap-Up: My Reading Slowed Down

Hi everyone! Today I’m here with my March wrap up. I tried to write this two weeks ago but I had writer’s block (is that a thing for bloggers?) and couldn’t find my blogging voice so I kind of gave up until last night. It’s only been a month since my last post but it feels like I have to get used to blogging…again. Also, WordPress dashboard changes kind of surprised me. Anyways, let’s talk about March.

I haven’t picked up a book or thought about reading since about March 20, but I paid off TWO credit cards and got the COVID vaccine so March was a good month in that regard. It sucks to be in a slump, but I’m extremely happy and proud about paying off those credit cards and, of course, happy I’m vaccinated.


Around the second week in March, I realized my reading pace slowed down and I wasn’t finishing books at the same rate as January and February. This didn’t bother me too much because of last year’s slump. I only read three books, but compared to March 2020 when I didn’t read anything at all, three is pretty good. Returning anticipated releases to the library because I couldn’t finish them before the loan expired sucked, but I really enjoyed the three books I read so all is well. Two of them will probably make it onto my 2021 favorites list.

The Secret Lives of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw – I buddy read this book with my friends Mychelé and Lynell. I was surprised the audiobook was only 4 hours but that’s honestly because I didn’t know what the book was about. I kind of went into it not knowing anything about it and walked away surprised by how much I loved this collection of stories about women, the church, and trauma. It’s very rare for me to read short story collections and enjoy all the stories. It’s also rare for me to feel satisfied with the length of short stories. Very deserving of the 5 star rating I gave it.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – This is such a unique book. It’s long and I had no idea where things were going in the beginning because of the structure, but it’s a beautifully written, albeit sad, story. Really enjoyed the way all the pieces came together in the second half. Some of the reveals were quite shocking. Great storytelling and payoff. Gave this 4 stars.

Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston – This book was so much fun and I wish I had it growing up. Highly recommend this for the young readers in your life (I think anyone would enjoy this but I’m specifically thinking about how much I would’ve liked this as a child). 5 stars and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series (I think it’s a series but I’m not sure. I’m out of the loop).

Movies, TV and Music

  • Silk Sonic – Silk Sonic is Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak’s latest project. The two formed a band and released their single Leave the Door Open at the beginning of March. I love the song so much and their Grammy performance was one of the few highlights of the show. Can’t wait for the album.
  • BTS Grammy performance – BTS Grammy performance was amazing (as usual). The set they recreated. The rooftop. Seeing Yoongi dance after his shoulder surgery. Performance filled me with so much joy. Still upset they didn’t get their deserved flowers for Dynamite.
  • Jazmine Sullivan – Jazmine Sullivan’s album Heaux Tales is one of my favorite 2021 releases. I listened to it when it came out in January but I fell in love with it all over again in March.
  • The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – The build up and pacing in the first episode was a bit slow, but I’m enjoying Falcon and Winter Soldier. Enjoy getting to know Sam and Bucky in depth. Every episode feels like a movie.


  • I received my first dose of the COVID vaccine in March and got the second dose on April 9. I was really nervous about the second dose because that’s the one most people reported side effects. Surprisingly, I didn’t experience those sucky side effects with either dose. My arm was sore both times but that went away within 48 hours. I’m thankful.
  • As I mentioned, I paid off two credit cards in March. It’s been a goal of mine to just pay off one but I was too broke to do that and honestly, if the pandemic hadn’t happened, I’d still be struggling with that. Because of the uncertainty that came with the pandemic, I saved my 2019 tax refund, cut a few expenses since I was working remotely, moved to an apartment with a slightly lower rent in August 2020, and saved my stimulus check (I know I was supposed to stimulate the economy but when you have fear of things going wrong at any moment…). When my 2020 tax refund and another stimulus came in March, I combined them with what I had saved up and freed myself from two shackles. I still have two credit card balances remaining but man deleting those two monthly payment reminders felt VERY satisfying. I’ll help the economy later.
  • I’ve really gotten into skincare as a form of self-care these last few weeks. My routine before March was super basic and inconsistent (cleanse, tone, moisturize) because I’ve never had any major skin problems. I have hyperpigmentation but it didn’t concern me because it’s not bad. The only time I thought about addressing it was when I got a facial in December 2019. I felt self-conscious and kind of bad when the esthetician talked about it. Anyways, fast forward to March 2021 where I randomly decided that I wanted to get into a consistent skincare routine. I bought a few products that I’ve slowly eased into my rotation and I’ve been testing new sunscreens because the one I use (Neutrogena hydro boost) burns my eyes and is a little too greasy for my liking. Researching ingredients and learning about skincare overall has been really fun.

How was March for you? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up: My Reading Slowed Down

  1. aaah i’m so happy that you’re getting into a new skincare routine & congratulations on paying off your credit cards! that’s a big deal and i’m so proud of you! also super super glad that you experienced no side effects from the vaccine, my mother got it and she was v sick the day after, rip.

    i actually haven’t heard of the books you read this month, but the secret lives of church ladies looks super super good and it is NOW on my tbr!! also, i’ve only watched the 1st episode of falcon and the winter soldier but if only the pacing in the 1st ep is slow… then i might return to it, LOL. my main complaint was the slowness!


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