Top Ten Tuesday: 2023 Goals

Hey everyone. Back with a Top Ten Tuesday post. Today’s topic is most anticipated 2023 releases, but I’ve decided to share my 2023 goals instead. When you see my goals, it’ll make sense why I skipped today’s topic.

This year I’d like to continue to grow, to be diligent, to take more pictures and to make memories through experiences. I’d also like to accomplish a few goals:

  1. Send $20,000 to student loans
  2. Lose 10 lbs 
  3. Max 2022 Roth IRA 
  4. Renew passport
  5. Max 2023 HSA

You’ll notice I don’t have a reading goal. My reading habit has been a roller coaster since the pandemic so I’ve decided to not set a number goal this year. I just want to have a good time reading and discover new favorites.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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