About Me


Hi, my name is Merline (pronounced Mer-Lean).

I am a graduate student, bookworm, Wakandan, Hufflepuff, and Honorary Blackthorn (The Dark Artifices series). I love 3-day weekends, brunch, music, afternoon naps, Hamilton, Game of Thrones, and a lot of other things. Reading has always been my escape from the world and sometimes, I wish I could spend more time in fictional worlds than my own. I’m often asked where do I find the time to read between grad school and work. The answer: I don’t know. I borrow and steal time from other things I should be doing like sleeping or homework or some other responsibility.

On this blog, you will find book reviews, weekly memes, and other things related to fictional worlds and characters. I hope you’ll engage in fangirling with me. Happy reading!